Empowering emerging and seasoned leaders

to transcend their challenges and unlock their full potential.

Equipping leaders with the mindset and skills to lead your organisation.

In Eagle’s Flight’s Senior Leaders program your executive leaders will learn that in order to deliver world-class organisational results, they must release the full potential of their teams.

To do so, they will learn effective coaching, goal-setting, feedback, empowerment, powerful storytelling and change management

Leadership Programs

Leading Change
Leadership is most critical when the landscape is constantly changing. This module is an interactive session for leaders who have a role in maximising productivity in times of change. The program uses imagery from the Vector Change Model™ to highlight the steps to ensure that the entire organisation is engaged and contributing in a positive manner during times of change.
Empowering Others
Great leaders involve others in making decisions, create a culture of accountability, and unleash their employees’ potential by giving them the appropriate freedom to act on their own initiative. The program introduces this module introduces The Sandbox™, a tool that allows leaders to more successfully delegate authority and responsibilities to direct reports and maximise employee contribution and potential within the boundaries of their authority. This session reinforces the relationship between leaders and employees through tools for empowerment and accountability.
Powerful Storytelling
Learn how to master and craft powerful stories through story catalysts to create human moments in a business environment. In this program, learners will be active participants in their own mastery of crafting and delivering stories.
Powering Team Performance
Achieve higher levels of collaboration and accountability through learning the Seven Cornerstones of Teamwork™. Participants learn to design and diagnose teams to ensure focus on a common goal, clearly defined roles, effective use of resources, communication, enthusiastic effort, and the temporary suppression of ego.
Coaching for Results
Every successful performer can look back to a coach who gave them the vision, direction, and even the push to achieve extraordinary results. To achieve these results, leaders need to model an example others can follow, coach for results, and require changes in behaviours to guarantee success.
Executional Excellence
Leaders need to balance their time between long-term strategy and the real-world reality of day to day tactics. To ensure that empowered employees deliver on their project commitments leaders must support the execution of their accountabilities.