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Mission: Possible

Activities that break down the complex to the simple to make your team certain they can achieve anything!


Mission Possible has been created to enable teams to deliberately play and have fun – creating flow, freedom and active engagement.

This combination enables people to temporarily lose themselves, experience diminished self-consciousness and freedom from time, connect with their colleagues and, importantly, restore and replenish.


Hold day or full day challenge, you decide. Your mission then, should you choose to accept it, is to solve various problems, crack uncrackable codes, all to win additional ammunition (water balloons) to fire down a field as a final challenge.

You and your teammates will rely on your wits and quick thinking, as well as your problem solving, communication and collaboration skills. And as all great secret agents know – expect the unexpected! Completely customisable activities to ensure everyone can participate – indoors, outdoors or a combination of both.


  • Participating is fun and can restore and replenish your minds!
  • Collaborate, communicate and connect with your colleagues.
  • Problem solve effectively to beat your competition!
  • Win bragging rights
  • Feel good factor from investing time together again.