Capture Every Opportunity

  • Capture full potential of opportunities
  • Gain maximum profit
  • Improve efficiency and productivity

In the sailing materials business there is much profit to be made - but there are also demand fluctuations, time constraints and competitors to contend with. Participants must use effective teamwork to produce the most profit for their team’s company.


What outcome is achieved?

Participants bring their knowledge of the factors central to maximising business opportunities back to their work-life reality.  What does this knowledge look like in action?


  • Aim to capture full potential of opportunities through flexibility
  • Gain maximum profit by drawing on existing relationships and following set priorities
  • Improve efficiency by having the right people and resources in place
  • Increase productivity by having a plan in place for facing obstacles

What do participants learn?

Participants learn to focus on profitable activities, extend the planning horizon, leverage team resources and change tactics quickly when required to achieve success.  Learners develop the ability to:


  • Change tactics quickly to capitalise on new opportunities
  • Build strong relationships and set priorities to take advantage of profit peaks
  • Understand the roles and resources crucial to success
  • Overcome obstacles by stopping, refocusing, then moving forward

How does it work?

Participants must acquire raw materials from competitors and assemble sailing equipment to meet market demands.  The product assembly is specific and the needs change rapidly. Throughout this two hour experience, participants will:


  • Build relationships and negotiate
  • Utilise team members and resources as effectively as possible
  • Encounter time pressures
  • Experience an ever changing environment


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