Redline RacingTM

Plot Your Course and Drive to Win

  • Learn from the best
  • Drive to win
  • Don’t give up: correct your course

Teams race across the European countryside overcoming inherent constraints of the race’s design in an attempt to find the best route and collect the most points to win. Participants must learn from the best, drive to win and course correct as necessary for success, not only in Redline Racing, but within their organisation as well.


What outcome is achieved?

The Redline Racing environment and pressures mirror participants’ work environment. Applying their learning on the job, allows participants to:


  • Work more efficiently by building on previous successes
  • Increase productivity through willingness to adapt plan and actions as required
  • Improve performance by focusing efforts solely on achieving the best results


What do participants learn?

Participants learn the importance of taking action based on appropriate goals and relevant information, within a constantly changing environment. Learners develop the ability to:


  • Capitalize on the experience of those who have succeeded before
  • Understand and aim for the greatest possible outcome
  • Be prepared to change strategies when necessary to achieve better results


How does it work?

Teams work against the clock to foster efficient team building that results in the best route for the journey while collecting as many points as possible along the way. Participants of this two hour programme will experience:


  • Result oriented actions
  • Quick decisions in a rapidly-changing environment
  • Team work and consensus-building
  • Use of interactive voting technology
  • An ideal event for large groups

Redline Racing

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