Rattlesnake CanyonTM

Build Partnerships to Give You
the Competitive Edge

  • Gain a competitive edge through effective partnerships
  • Drive productivity through strong sales management skills
  • Strengthen negotiation skills company wide


With price and demand changes swirling around them, local settlers and merchants must work through each other to deliver the supplies necessary to build a railroad through Rattlesnake Canyon. Knowing, meeting and delivering customers’ needs at a profit is what you strive to do everyday. Rattlesnake Canyon shines a light on your current tendencies and provides steps to succeed at the challenge.


What outcome is achieved?

Rattlesnake Canyon demonstrates that building strong relationships internally and externally enables one to meet the real need, at maximum profit. Applying this learning on the job will result in:


  • Greater sales productivity
  • Stronger negotiation ability
  • Enhanced sales management skills
  • Competitive advantage through effective partnerships



What do participants learn?

The experience elicits the participants’ natural behavior when dealing with pressures and constraints faced everyday – not just in a small, wild west town. The programme’s focused debrief demonstrates how to succeed in this familiar environment, including how to:


  • Understand customer needs
  • Pursue maximum profit potential
  • Initiate efficient processes
  • Build strong partnerships



How does it work?

Participants must conduct sales transactions to deliver the resources required by the Eagle Bend Railroad, while making a profit. Participants in this half day experience will face:


  • Constant flow of information
  • Rapidly changing, highly competitive marketplace-type environment
  • Limited funds
  • Optimising profitability
  • Tight deadlines

Rattlesnake Canyon

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