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"This is the first time in history that meeting participants were more interested in the programme than in their afternoon golf tournament."

Sandra Williams
Executive Director
National Office Products Alliance Business Product Industry

Promises, Promises!TM

Build a Team of Teams

  • Drive results through team unity and trust
  • Boost internal customer service
  • Accelerate productivity through strong working relationships

Keep the promises you made to your electorate and help your fellow politicians keep theirs, recognising there may be alliances and scandal along the way! Communicating well, a global focus, a trusting environment: these are the keys to Promises, Promises!  - and to strengthening the way your organisation operates.


What outcome is achieved?

Foster an organisational advantage by employing the values and practices of trust, teamwork and strong internal customer service. Applying the learning on the job will result in:


  • Greater team unity and trust organisation-wide
  • Improved internal customer service
  • Increased productivity through strengthened working relationships

What do participants learn?

Participants experience the pressures and obstacles of interdependent teams, and learn that everyone within an organisation is both a supplier and a customer. Key learning points include:


  • Maximse productivity through “we” versus “me”
  • Build an efficient and comfortable work environment by fostering trust
  • Understand how individual roles impact your company’s overall success
  • Effective communication delivers exceptional service


How does it work?

As the leader of your country you must fulfill the promises you made to your constituents. You must also become a United League of Nations by helping each country acquire the resources required to meet their deadlines. Throughout this half day programme, participants experience:


  • Delivering on personal commitments and helping others deliver on theirs
  • Cultural barriers, politics and scandal
  • Lack of trust
  • Poor communication

Promises, promises!

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