Movies and MogulsTM

Produce Blockbuster Effects,
Every Time!

  • Strong internal and external relationships
  • Optimal allocation of resources
  • Quality customer satisfaction

Pulling together all the elements of a successful movie, at maximum profit, is the challenge. Participants experience the difficulties and benefits of proper resource acquisition and allocation, with business implications far beyond the next big blockbuster.


What outcome is achieved?

Participants bring valuable knowledge back to work by applying all the elements of producing a successful movie for a maximum profit. On the job, this translates to:


  • Strong, productive internal and external working relationships
  • Optimal results through improved allocation of resources
  • Improved customer satisfaction through enhanced service

What do participants learn?

After negotiating contracts to secure their talent, screenplay, score, location and special effects, participants realise the impact of appropriate resource allocation. Learners discover how to:


  • Allocate resources in the best way for the best results
  • Maximise opportunities through transactions
  • Add value in new ways to internal and external service

How does it work?

As a producer, participants must assemble the necessary resources to create the best movie possible, while of course making the most profit.  During this 90 minute session participants will experience:


  • Negotiations with many parties
  • Multiple resources to manage
  • Changing environment

Movies & Moguls

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