Innovation in ActionTM

Drive Innovation into Practice



  • Cultivate the climate that supports innovation
  • Enhance ideation and innovative thinking
  • Convert concepts to workable solutions

The Situation - Innovation equals advantage in today’s competitive marketplace, but can prove challenging in practice. Innovation in Action addresses the culture, processes, and tools that are required to make innovation simple, attainable, and effective.


What outcome is achieved?

Innovation in Action provides the blueprint for driving innovation from the ground up. Critical outcomes include:


  • Better corporate climate for innovation
  • Better capture of ideas and input from more and varied sources
  • Better process for moving ideas to action



What do participants learn?

Participants discover that innovation is not the exclusive domain of either the creative or the process-minded, and is in fact highly achievable given the right focus and support.


  • Identify the behaviors and cultural conditions that support and drive innovation
  • Apply tools and techniques to enhance ideation and innovative thinking
  • Discover the process for converting concepts to workable solutions



How does it work?

This highly engaging, full-day program harnesses an interactive approach to deliver the skills and tools that drive innovation into practice. Highlights include:


  • Robust group discussion establishes critical context and sets the foundation for the learning content
  • Practical models and tools provide a clear line of sight to real-world application
  • Challenging group activities allow participants to evaluate and practice new concepts and skills
  • Focused time is given to hands-on practice and the application of learning to the participant’s own business relevant innovation opportunities



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