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"When looking for an engaging and interactive event that adds real value and direction to our business, we look no further than Eagles Flight. The "Gold of the Desert Kings" programme has been used extensively within our company to help develop the way we think and to have a lot of fun getting there."

Paul Mallinson
Head of Corporate Training and Development Pfizer, UK

Gold of the Desert KingsTM

Improve Productivity

  • Increase productivity by planning for success
  • Drive results through optimal use of resources
  • Maximise the outcome by asking “what’s possible?”

The Situation - There is gold in the mountains, but a desert lies in the way! With pressures and limitations bearing down, teams strive to navigate the desert and bring home the gold – and there is no guarantee of survival. Success in this challenge requires careful planning, precise execution, and a maximise mindset.


What outcome is achieved?

Participants return to work knowing the impact of aiming for the best possible result and having a plan to achieve it. What does this knowledge look like in action?


  • Greater productivity by engaging in activity that delivers a planned result
  • Improved use of information
  • Efficient operations within constraints of existing work environment
  • Optimal results by focusing on the best possible outcome



What do participants learn?

When the dust settles at the end of the desert experience, the teams’ results will be compared and the participant will investigate how to truly succeed at the challenge. Key learning points include:


  • Ask “what’s possible?” to achieve maximum results
  • Value all available information
  • Plan for and overcome potential barriers
  • Be productive, not simply active


How does it work?

With pressures and limitations bearing down, teams must cross the vast and perilous desert, collect as much gold as possible and return home safely. In this half day program, participants must:


  • Yield the largest return possible
  • Compete and work as a team
  • Operate amidst uncontrollable environmental factors


Desert Kings

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4th November 2016
Gold of the Desert Kings


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