Expedition OutbackTM

Optimise Results
Through Smooth Execution

  • Accelerate speed and efficiency to implement new opportunities
  • Enhance focus on actions with the greatest impact
  • Seamlessly move between strategy and execution for maximum results

Deliver the resources the Australian royals demand by crossing the Australian outback and acquiring the items on the way.  Participants must sort through information, act on worthwhile opportunities and effectively strategise to obtain the required items and make money for their teams.


What outcome is achieved?

The programme’s key messages are not meant to be confined to the Australian outback. Knowing all opportunities, having a mind to win, and being deliberate about improving your tactics has direct application to the work world. On the job, participants will:


  • Improve efficiency in identifying and acting on opportunities
  • Achieve winning results by focusing on actions that deliver the greatest impact
  • Increase productivity through improved planning and use of information

What do participants learn?

Whether participants delivered enough kangaroos, antidotes and diamonds to the Royals or not, there is much to be learned from the outback experience. The learner discovers how to:


  • Recognise all opportunities and value their full potential
  • Understand all available information and leverage it to maximise opportunities
  • Implement contingency planning on the fly
  • Employ a winning mindset focused on efficiently delivering the best results



How does it work?

Participants must traverse the outback, making enough sense of the information discovered to acquire the required goods – and more, if they want to win! Key aspects of this half day experience include:


  • Understand and capitalise on opportunities
  • Efficient use and organisation of information
  • Effective contingency planning
  • Teamwork and rivalry

Expedition Outdoors

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4th November 2016
Gold of the Desert Kings


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