Dog Chicken DogTM

Collaborate for a
Common Purpose

  • Maximise individual contribution
  • Strengthen teamwork and morale
  • Enhance personal accountability for the whole

Taking part in a unique blend of sounds and rhythms made from the most surprising objects, participants quickly learn the value of individual contribution, personal accountability for the whole and the need to work in harmony.


What outcome is achieved?

Participants carry their Dog Chicken Dog experience with them long after the music fades.  Applying the lessons of personal accountability and the need to work in harmony back at work enables the organisation to:


  • Achieve greater results through increased personal accountability
  • Improve culture through team cohesiveness and morale
  • Accelerate productivity by realising the value of the individual



What do participants learn?

The programme provides a strong and immediate message of the value of individual contribution and working in harmony. Participants discover how to:

  • Value the great potential of individual contribution
  • Working together for greatest results
  • Understand personal accountability for the whole
  • Look at things from a new angle and for opportunity in unusual places



How does it work?

In this fun, 30 minute conference programme, participants follow instructions from “the band”, playing unusual instruments in various combinations, ending in a brilliant finale. Key aspects of the session include:


  • Creation of sounds and rhythms as a group using various objects
  • Everyone doing their part for success
  • High-energy fun
  • Ease of execution – no facilitator required
  • Delivery options live or via satellite

Dog Chicken Dog

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