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"I have found your company and its programmes to be the best way to open our conference as a way of eliminating the inter-company, inter-departmental barriers, creating a new team spirit and opening the communication."

Rick Arnish
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Council of the Marble StarTM

Maximise Personal Effectiveness

  • Achieve results through strong, productive relationships
  • Influence corporate culture through the power of the individual
  • Maximize outcomes through open knowledge sharing


Only King Arthur’s highly respected advisors are given a seat on the Council of the Marble Star. How do you get your seat? Achieve the best possible business results without sacrificing the relationships you need to get you there.


What outcome is achieved?

Participants learn that the pursuit of productivity combined with relationship development creates a competitive path to success, resulting in:


  • Desire to build more successful, mutually beneficial working relationships
  • Increased ownership of one’s own influence on working environment and corporate culture
  • Knowledge sharing for result driven impact


What do participants learn?

Participants learn how improving their personal effectiveness can transform the culture and performance of their company. A focused debrief maps the program’s key learning points to participant’s work-life reality. Participants learn to:


  • Build quality relationships while achieving quality results
  • Acquire and apply information to ensure maximum productivity
  • Commit to achieve exceptional results amidst change and uncertainty
  • Understand that perception outweighs intentions and the result impacts relationships


How does it work?

Participants must obtain the best possible business results while building the relationships that help them deliver. As villagers, they vie for a seat on the Council of the Marble Star. To claim their spot, participants must uphold Camelot’s cultural values while deftly conducting business transactions. This half day experience involves:


  • Delivering high scores in two arenas: assets acquired and personal conduct
  • Facing time pressures, uncertainty, competition, change
  • Achieving productivity through negotiations and transactions

Council of the Marble Star

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