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Achieve Big Things Through

Team Collaboration

  • Create alignment between individual goals and the end result
  • Increase productivity through optimal resource allocation
  • Enhance communication effectiveness

Turtle Island is suffering from the boats bringing tourists, eager to observe the marine wildlife, to the area. Participants must use teamwork, communication and focus to build a bridge to the island in order to preserve the habitat.

What outcome is achieved?

Coral Banks demonstrates how participants must work to achieve their individual goals while also contributing to organisational goals. Utilising constructive planning and optimal resource allocation, participants transfer their learning to the job through:


  • Greater alignment between leadership, individual goals and the end result
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved communication effectiveness

What do participants learn?

Participants learn to focus on profitable activities, extend the planning horizon, leverage team resources and change tactics quickly when required to achieve success.  Learners develop the ability to:


  • Change tactics quickly to capitalise on new opportunities
  • Build strong relationships and set priorities to take advantage of profit peaks
  • Understand the roles and resources crucial to success
  • Overcome obstacles by stopping, refocusing, then moving forward

How does it work?

Participants must build a bridge to Turtle Island to keep the reef and its endangered inhabitants safe. Small teams build separate sections of the bridge and ultimately join their sections together to deliver the final product. Key aspects of this two hour team building session include:


  • Emphasis on teamwork; as part of a small team and within a large organisation
  • Hands-on focus on collaboration
  • Flexibility to adapt to any group size
  • Ideal for use as a conference event

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